Where is Buffalo Carts Located?

Buffalo carts, LLC is located at 3101 N McDonald St. #600 in McKinney, Texas 75071

Are the Buffalo Carts American Made?

Yes! All Buffalo Carts are designed manufactured and assembled in Texas.

What are the Main Differences between Carts?

All Buffalo Carts have the same lower platform configuration consisting of a:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame,
  • Heavy duty wheels with 4.10/3.50 (12”) knobby tires for maximum traction
  • Powerful Electric Transaxle drive system with electronic control
  • Heavy Duty Li-Ion battery system
  • USB port to charge cell phones and onboard battery gage
  • Onboard hitch adapter for vehicle transporting(vehicle hitch must be Class III 2" reciever)

The difference in models is the upper part profile, each designed for specific jobs. applications.

The Flat Bed Cart has a heavy-duty ABS flatbed surface for large flat loads, used mainly for construction and landscaping.

The Wagon Cart has a heavy-duty ABS (3”) tall tub, used mainly for camping, fishing, and sports. The Wagon version allows for side height extenders, fishing pole and cup holders.

The Hunting Cart has a heavy-duty ABS (3”) tall tub with Camo finish mainly used for hunting. The Hunting version allows for side height extenders, fishing pole and cup holders.

The Commercial Cart has a heavy-duty Aluminum (6”) tall tub, used mainly for hauling tools and equipment.

I Placed My Order, When Can I Expect My Cart?

It takes 3 weeks for final assemby of a cart and shipping (this times can vary)

I have Questions, Who do I Contact?

You can contact us via phone at 469-337-3879 or email at info@buffalocarts.com. Our local team is here to help you 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).

How heavy are the carts?

Flatbed cart is 85 lbs
Wagon cart is 90 lbs
Hunting cart is 90 lbs
Commercial cart is 96 lbs

What is the rated and maximum torque of the motor?

90 in-lbs – 507 in-lbs.

What is the capacity of the battery in Ah (amp hour)?

15 Ah

With 500 lbs of load what is the max degree of inclination that the cart can ascend?

With a load of 500 lbs. the carts can travel an 8 Degrees incline

What speed can the cart travel?

There are 3 speed ranges
L = 0 – 1.5mph
M = 1.5 – 3mph
H = 3 – 4.2mph

How long does the battery last?

2- 5 hours depending on the load. The heavier the load the shorter the battery time

What is the battery charge time

2 – 3 hours

How is the battery charged?

The battery can be charged either in the cart or easily removed and charged off of the cart, with supplied 120V charger.

Do carts work in sand?

At this point the current tires are not well suited for sand or beach operation, stay tuned.

Are the carts water proof?

The carts are designed for rugged outdoor use which may include light rain or drizzle and water up to 3 inches.