the story

It all began 4 years ago when Ed and his Product development company www.mbinnovations.com were approached by a business from Austin TX, looking for a way to help their customers move sports gear around.

After initially developing a few proto types of electric carts, he realized these designs were a solution to his and others unmet needs of moving gear around, such as camping, hunting, and construction equipment.

Believing he had the beginnings of a perfect solution, he purchased all the rights from the customer and started Buffalo Carts LLC.

Then over the last 2 years Ed and the team designed, proto-typed, tested, and developed the Buffalo Carts Unique, Industry-Leading Platform Systems. With
multiple patent applications pending, pre-production runs completed, vendor selections in place and initial marketing feedback completed, Buffalo Carts is launching an exciting Kickstarter Campaign in Feb 2022.

We have come a long way in the last 2 years and are extremely proud of the Buffalo Carts product line.