the story

As a father with 2 kids who when they were younger, were active in sports and himself an avid hunter and fisherman, Ed experienced hand carrying gear and supplies to events, this could get frustrating and was time consuming. There were various hand carts over the years, but they were inconvenient to use and took up room inside the vehicle.

The solution was to build a cart  system that would address the challenges with transporting gear of all kinds. He set about designing and building an easy to use, electric powered cart system. After initially developing a few prototypes of electric carts, he realized these designs were a solution to his and others unmet needs of moving all kinds of gear around, such as camping, sports, hunting, construction, and farming.

Believing he had the beginnings of a perfect
solution; he started Buffalo Carts LLC in 2020. Then over the last 3 years Ed and the team designed, proto-typed, tested, and developed the Buffalo Carts Unique, Industry-Leading Platform Systems. With multiple patent applications pending, marketing feedback, a successful Kickstarter Campaign, Buffalo Carts was up and running.

We have come a long way in the last
3 years and are extremely proud of the Buffalo Carts product line, meeting the needs of hauling gear and equipment by providing safe and easy to use ELECTRIC POWERED CARTS SYSTEMS!